Elements of Mastery

These are some things we've written about that will seem strange to people use to ordinary web pages and even ordinary wiki sites.

# Begin

Click the word __wiki ✔︎__ in the footer below. A check mark means you want to enable editing.

Edit this paragraph right now. Write your favorite poetry phrase or movie line. Mine is, "I don't think that word means what you think it does."

Tip: Double-click an item to edit it. Click away from the item when finished. If you've edited a page you don't own only you will see the changes. A yellow halo surrounds the page to warn you. See Local Changes to review or discard your work here.

Tip: Notice Where and How We Click makes a difference.

# Proceed

Here are some sites that will help you learn more about what we do here. Don't worry if something doesn't make sense yet. That's why we have these workshops.

Wiki is a hypertext. When you click a link you will go to that page. Here we have arranged the pages like rooms in an adventure game.

We show you what we find interesting in the federation and suggest how you can make yourself at home here.

We throw around a lot of terms when we talk about federated wiki that come from a variety of sources. Here we look at the sources and mention the most common names they provide.

This wiki deviates from most others in that each participant in a collaboration is expected to own their own working space. You have options. We'll help.

Many simple things that could be a button in a centralized system turn into a series of steps in federated wiki. We'll catalog them here as we notice them.