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The Gaia Festival is a networked or decentralised Climate Action Festival that we look to establish as a regular annual event starting this year at COP26 in Glasgow.

The event will take place around the world, at local gatherings, festivals, happenings and talks that take place in person where they can safely be arranged and online.

- Gaia Fest connects every festival to each other using radio and film. We use sound, music and the human voice to connect conversations and communities. We use film, video, art and story telling to bring people together around action.

- Gaia Fest is a climate action festival. We come together to make an impact. We seek to make a difference, through workshops and coordinated action.

2021 is a landmark year for Climate Action, and we are looking to Make some noise at COP26 in Glasgow in November.

We are encouraging gatherings, festivals, conversations and events to take place

global network of local festivals that have come together to celebrate and create new and innovate way to take action.

This year, as the whole world slowly comes out of lockdown, we look to

# Topics

GaiaFest is an annual celebration of the life and thinking of James Lovelock. This year we look forwards to his 101st birthday, where we look to recap the basic ideas that make up: - Gaia Hypothesis - Daisy World - Anthropocene

# Activity

You may wish to see the first steps of your fellow travellers, and give them some encouragement, or build on their work: - Tools and Todays Activity - Changes to this Site - Drop in to our Fedwiki chat - riot.im


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