Gaia Jam Program

On Earth Day we gather to celebrate. We'll introduce the elements of the Climate Action Platform, and we'll get to know the different parts of the festival (and each other) a little bit better. Come hangout in the WikiBar, and find out how together we can not just make some noise, but maximise our effective and collective climate action.


We launch the project today with our first open "dress-rehearsal" tonight at 22:00 CET. Join us to for a sneak peak at the new platform for taking climate action, or drop into the shed and jam with Charlotte - breakouts for all tastes! Please join us from 22:00 CET at the following link: Zoom

Introduction to the Climate Commons (22:00 CET)

  1. GaiaFest: the climate action festival
  2. Gaiafst and Climate Action Directory
  3. Climate Web: a new climate commons
  4. Climate Questions
  5. Massive Wiki and the climate commons

Hands-on. Breakout rooms and WikiBar

Introduction to the Climate Action Platform (23:00 CET)

  1. Visualising Climate Action - Jerry, David
  2. Seeing the System - Christina, Jerry
  3. Quests for collective knowledge maps - MAP, Jack Park
  4. Open innovation for Climate Action - including peer review

Hands-on. Breakout rooms and WikiBar

GaiaFest: a decentralised climate action Festival (24:00 CET)

  1. The Art of Climate Storytelling
  2. Visualising Gaia
  3. Games for Change
  4. Governing Gaia: 100% Gaia
  5. Roadmap and Call to Action
  6. Shed Session - final song performance

Hands-on. Breakout rooms and WikiBar

Gaiafest songwriting workshop begins midday

A guest musician is working here to generate fresh songs co-written and produced with attendees. Please join this creative shed session to empty your soul. You dont need to be a singer you just need to have feelings. Follow the link at anytime to enter the shed and share. Share your thoughts on climate topics and perspectives to mine for lyrics. Workshop open at - 20:00 UTC with an end performance - 22:30 UTC

Endless Jam

We are sending out a signal - a mix of spontaneously composed beats and erratic rhythms. The purpose is to alert space that its the beginnning Gaiafest's reign. Using a revolutionary cloud connected looping application we hope to ignite and collaborate with anyone who gets lost in music and Gaia.